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Faux Panels is the most realistic-looking building products company in the market. It take great pride and customer service they provide. Whether you are a builder, remodeler or homeowner you will find your experience to be a pleasant one. Faux Panels proudly offers a selection of products made in the US and even they do sell the products internationally. Being a New York based company, Faux Panels deliver the best of it by satisfying the customer wants. The mission of Faux Panels is to provide its clients with outstanding personalized professional service high quality products and to have its clients for their future needs.

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Faux Panels offers the most realistic stone, rock, wood, and brick style panels and siding available on the market today. Faux Panels offers such an indistinguishable products that molding process make them further unique from the real thing while costing and weighing less. Its products are being used over the years around the globe for interiors and exterior walls, adorn fireplaces and add finishing touches to new design and remodeling projects. Faux Panels providing all the products with full guarantee and promise that customer centricity is its first priority. For the customer satisfaction and testing the product Faux Panels is also offering sample for the customer test. And when the customer is placing the order, he will be given back the cost of the sample he ordered.

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Order now for the latest designs and innovative new trend setter design. Get you satisfaction by ordering a sample and get its full refund back when you have placed the order at Faux Panels. Company is offering full time offers and customer should use Faux Panels promo coupons to get the discount offers. All you need to make you home elegant and vigorously beautiful. Get the Faux Panels discount codes for the maximum rebate and enjoy the surrounding.

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Call or email for any type of help and support. Faux Panels customer care team is actively ready to help and support the customers.

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