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About Yelloow Beauty

Yelloow Beauty is an innovative beauty company starting into social selling and leading to business with affordable salon quality DIY hair extensions. They are not only selling hair extensions but also many more products to enhance your beauty products including luscious lash and brow serum with professional-quality lashes. Logan Woolley is the founder of the Yelloow Beauty and he a specialist in the beauty industry. He and his team are dedicated to building a community of supportive and knowledgeable beauty organizers to promote and uplift their business with quality. The sole aim of Yelloow Beauty is to make an impression on the beauty industry through its products.

Hair Extensions of Yelloow Beauty

Yelloow Clip-In Extensions are an excellent way to lengthen and thicken your hair without making much effort. Their unique keratin-infused extensions are vegan-friendly. The good thing is that they give to feel like human hair. Clip-in extensions, hair color sample, and ponytail extensions are some types of hair extensions that are available here.
  • Hair Color Sample – Light
  • Hair Color Sample – Dark
  • Hair Color Sample – Medium
  • Clip-In Extensions 22? – Pearl
  • Ponytail Extension 20? – Pearl
  • Ponytail Extension 20? – Sugar Cookie
  • Clip-In Extensions 22? – Golden Wheat

Faux Mink Lashes of Yelloow Beauty

In the lashes collection of Yelloow Beauty, you can see lash + brow serum, lashes and lash adhesive. Faux mink lashes of Yelloow Beauty are vegan-friendly. You can attractively maintain them. You will look good without any curl or mascara. Just apply with their Yelloow Lash Adhesive, and feel the result. Some of their lases set are mentioned here.
  • Everyday Girl Lash Set
  • Natural Girl Lash Set
  • Church Girl Lash Set
  • Flirty Girl Lash Set
  • Party Girl Lash Set
  • Chic Lash Bundle
  • Lash Adhesive – Clear
  • Lash Adhesive – Black

Yelloow Beauty Coupons and Promo Codes

Yelloow Beauty gives high-quality DIY beauty products like hair extensions and lashes that are meant to increase your beauty and influence your life for the better. Use Yelloow Beauty Coupons or Yelloow Beauty Promo Codes for some quick savings.