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Coupon Code: no coupon code required, just click on the above link and save
Coupon Code: no coupon code required, just click on the above link and save
Coupon Code: no coupon code required, just click on the above link and save

About J Brand

J Brand is a pioneer not only in denim but also for entire fashion industry. Their objective is to launch an elevated lifestyle for the new consumers. Their products are truly the reflection of the person who wear them and the expression of their particular style. They believe that their ideology of shopping is same as his or her ideology to their attitude in life, elevated, perked up and stylish. They tailor denim and ready to wear outfits that smoothly fit into the customer’s lifestyle with a focus on reliability and a keen interest to make a difference in the world. They are very enthusiastic about their belief that the individuals make the dresses and not the fashion products manufacturers and this concept constantly evolves, creates and excites their customers.

The company was created in 2005 in Los Angeles, the genuine premium denim company from DTLA, they launched a trend that is popular up till this day in the agendas of the denim leaders of the world. At the company’s first fittings, the designers refused to make jeans in relaxed fit that was popular at that time. Therefore, the first skinny jean was created. As one of the first denim apparel companies to bring skin cut jean to the global market, J Brand quickly brought many other prominent designs and fabrications. For instance, they created Houlihan skinny cargo and the Maria high-rise skinny for their customers. One of their products was Photo Ready denim that made quite the splash in the market. Their latest men’s product-line was launched in 2008. Their women’s ready-to-wear line was created in the Spring 2012, highlighting luxe materials and a contemporary design sensibility, the product-line was designed to match the brand’s merchandise already launched by the online outlet.

Their Products

  • Denim
  • Pants
  • Moto
  • Tops
  • Outerwear
  • Shorts
  • Fit
  • Fabric

Promotional Schemes and Offers

Their promotional schemes and offers can be used to obtain their products at the budgeted price. You can benefit from their new offers that are created for the customers offering the clients the opportunity to buy expensive products at the economy price. You can wear their products to redefine your style. With J Brand Promo Code & Coupons you can save plenty of bucks on your purchases.