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About Handy

Formed in 2012, it was formerly known as the Handybook. Handy is a leading platform to acquire household services by trained professionals. This includes all kinds of house cleaning and handyman services from fixing a bathroom shower to repairing the TV. All these services can be asked while sitting at home. Since the quality is guaranteed and the payments are secure, you might want to book the convenient home services too.

Money Back Guarantee

With a rapid booking process that only takes 60 seconds to get going and trustable payment options, the company offers a 100% customer satisfaction for all its household services. You may even be able to guide the individual professionals about your standards and how you want the tasks to be done. You can make inquiries about the money back guarantee within 72 hours of completion of the booking.

Handy Offerings

Handy is located around the cities of North America in U.S. and Canada. Moreover, it is also working actively throughout the United Kingdom. Some of the popular services that people acquire from day to day include furniture assembling, interior painting, light fixtures, moving help, faucets and home cleaning. Their prime offerings comprise of:

  • Handyman; Pictures & Shelves, Air Conditioner, Furniture Assembly, Moving Help, TV Mounting, Interior Painting, Handy Helper, Curtains & Blinds and Knobs & Locks
  • Plumbing; Drains, Faucets, Toilet, Other Plumbing and Garbage Disposal
  • Electrical; Light Fixtures, Ceiling & Bath Fans, Outlets and other Electrical Services
  • Cleaning; Home Cleaning, Office Cleaning and Vacation Rental Cleaning

Online Facilities

Handy.com is their online service provider which ensures that you find the right services for your home. Their categorizations are made easy to book and you can even customize their services. Booking online has a customer satisfaction guarantee up to 72 hours so that customers find a worthwhile experience. Customers may like to find answers with online interaction.

Handy Coupons

Apart from products, at PerkyCoupons.com, discount offers are also present on household cleaning and handyman services. Handy promo code and discount code lets customers avail their convenient bookings in lesser prices. You may love to get the exclusive dollar off and percentage off perks by using the Handy coupon code.