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About Dr Whitaker:

Dr Whitaker is the pathfinder of alternative medicine. He is not only the founder of the Whitaker Wellness Institute, but he is a writer and lecturer also. He is curing the chronic diseases of the patients for more than 40 years. Dr Whitaker is helping the people and improving their health with knowledge, medicine, and tools. After getting his graduation degree from Dartmouth College and he went to Emory University for MD. Then he moves to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta to complete his surgical internship. At first, the California Orthomolecular Medical Society was discovered by Dr. Whitaker with the company of four doctors and Linus Pauling who won Nobel Prize two-time. It was 1976 when Dr Whitaker joined the staff at the Pritikin Longevity Center. And then in 1979, he established Whitaker Wellness Institute.

Books of Dr Whitaker

Dr. Whitaker is great doctor and author. He is writer or co-writer of 13 books such as

    • Reversing Diabetes
    • Reversing Heart Disease
    • The Mini-Fast Diet
    • Reversing Hypertension
    • Reversing Diabetes Cookbook
    • The Memory Solution
    • Shed 10 Years in 10 Weeks
    • The Pain Relief Breakthrough
    • The Whitaker Wellness Weight Loss Plan
    • Quick and Easy Recipes for Vibrant Living

Dr Whitaker Major Products

Currently, Whitaker Wellness Institute is the best, and leading providers of alternative health therapies in the U.S. More than 45,000 patients from the whole world have taken part in the clinics Back to Health Program. In this program, all the members can get knowledge about health, testing, meals, exercise, nutritional supplements, and noninvasive therapies. Some of the clinic-based therapies are EECP, acupuncture, chelation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, bioidentical hormones, and many other. Some products of Dr Whitaker are as follows.

    • Vitamins & Supplements
    • Antioxidants & Healthy Aging
    • Blood Sugar Support
    • Bone, Joint & Muscle
    • Heart & Circulatory Health
    • Memory & Brain Health
    • Weight Management
    • Healthy Directions Products
    • Economy Size Bottles
    • Omega-3s & Probiotics
    • Single Vitamin Formulas

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