Closetbox Promo Code & Coupons

About Closetbox

Closetbox was created to provide you the services for loading, hauling and securing your household belongings into storage. They offer complete concierge storage with an equipment transfer from your door and an on-demand return service for the price of a conventional self-storage facility. All the storage equipment is tracked, organized and stored on the private online system, entirely with the option of including photos, labels and tags for individual items. That makes the return process more comfortable for the customer. You can quickly order to return any of your stored items to your doorstep with a click of a button. The company carries background verification on all their employees for the safety of your merchandise and of course, Closetbox is a licensed firm that is bonded and insured.

The company is founded by Marcus Mollmann who is the CEO of Closetbox. They have created the company to offer storage space to the people who want to secure their home equipment. They offer no hassle pickup. Their friendly, professional movers can send your belongings from your home to their vault. They make sure that their customer household accessories and equipment are secured in their facility. You can track them from the online platform. From their store, you can quickly receive your household stuff by placing a request on their website with few clicks.

Their storage pricing is related to the amount of space you need. Closetbox, charge an appropriate monthly rate as per the items you like to store or the quantity of space you require. There are no hidden administrative fees linked with their account like other services. For instance, some of the self-storage facilities and truck rental services need fees for their transportation and storage.

Their Storage Facility Options

  • Closet Compare to 5' X 5'
  • Small Room Compare to 5' X 10'
  • 1-2 Rooms Compare to 10' X 10'
  • 3+ Rooms Compare to 10' X 20'

Offers and Promotional Schemes

Their company provides promotional codes and schemes for the customers who want to benefit from their affordable offers. Therefore you can obtain the storage spaces at the reduced prices with their Closetbox Promo Code & Coupons. They welcome their visitors at their online store where they can view the packages for their different storage options.