5 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Must Have

In terms of building your jewelry collection, expert stylists suggest that women focus on a mix of pieces that can work together, subsequently, add a couple of pieces that are attractive and known to be standout items, regarding color, or of volume. Your jewelry should reflect your personal style.  Here are the five jewelry pieces of every woman should have:




These are seriously counted as the most important piece of jewelry. You need to have at least two or three pairs of earrings. In general, every woman would consider a stud or a huggy. The diamond stud is possibly the most elegant or classic, and most versatile, but it can be a stud earring with some color. An ideal thing about studs is that it is a kind of go-to earring for every day. You can use this as instant charms for everything else that you are going to wear. If you don’t have any good pair of Earrings rings or studs then directly purchase great quality studs earrings from Zales online store and get a discount on your purchase via Zales coupons and discount offers. Earrings will make sure that your look is polished and finished.


Hoop Earrings:


Hoop earrings would be counted as the second item to invest in. In exceptional in the US, this style is trendy, a bit more considerable, yet still casual. These can be metal hoops or elaborated with color or diamonds. The size of the hoop will affect the look, so pick your personal style and character.


Cocktail Ring:


If you have no any cocktail ring, then stop reading this and buy one first because every woman needs a great cocktail ring. This is the one piece that glows and pops the most, also counted as the most stick out an item that will show your personal style. It doesn’t have to be large, although most people consider cocktail rings as larger items. It should be obvious from the rest of your outfit, be the centerpiece of your outfit.


Long Necklace:


Long necklaces have replaced the little pendant. Long necklaces were very popular in the early 1920s and 1930s (generally pearls), and this look has made a resurgence. Today, any style will work for you, and the beauty of it is that long necklace goes with everything. It can also be chosen because of its easy transition from day to night. In the evening, you can only make it shorter by doubling it. If you are looking for something different like going to fun in desert safari , then use this necklace with dark colors. You can also buy layer long necklaces and pendants.


A Bracelet:


Bracelets have been exceptionally important in history. Nowadays almost every school or college girl love to wear bracelets. They always prefer to wear color bracelets, but when it comes to the professional look, then you have to choose some precious materials like diamond, gold or silver. You can also wear a bracelet as a good luck charm. Sportsmen also wear bracelets especially in tennis because tennis bracelet is something you can wear every time every day.


5 Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

Nothing can give you a finishing touch except fashion jewelry. There is no doubt that jewelry enhances the beauty of a woman. Either you wear jewelry in hands, neck, ears or nose, it doesn’t matter how you wear, it helps you improve your overall look. In this article, we are just going to focus on few jewelry pieces that every woman should own because most of the women don’t understand the value of these jewelry pieces.

Pearls Necklace



When white pearls are joint together with a thin cord, it gets converted into a great necklace. There is no doubt in it that pearls are the excellent ladylike addition to any outfit while the world’s most fashionable ladies also agree with it.  Wear a pearl necklace with your formal attire to add a great and sophisticated touch to your outfit.

Ear Studs & Earrings


No matter what the occasion, Ear Studs can polish your look. Like pearls, Ear studs are a staple of any jewelry collection. Stud earrings may look small, but they are counted as one of the most versatile items in any closet. They also create a natural go-to choice when you need something that best fit your face. A good pair of studs can add a hint of elegance and glamor to most looks. The platinum and golden studs are delicate, but significant, adding an understated sparkle to your style. Select the best studs from PandaHall and use PandaHall coupons to get an ultimate discount on your purchase and make your look more stylish.

An Everyday Watch



Although we could say a simple watch instead of every watch, there is a reason behind it. Most of the time, you don’t need a stylish and adorned wristwatch or a decorated sports watch so, in this way, an everyday watch will work for you. Save those of stylish and decorated watches for unique and appropriate occasions. However, a smart watch is an essential accessory for your closet, casual or professional, and the perfect everyday watch could fit both events.

Tennis Bracelet



A tennis bracelet is modish enough to wear with almost any outfit. You can wear this bracelet for a sophisticated compliment. If your style is showier or you love the stacking trend, a tennis bracelet is a perfect add-on to balance out larger or more textured bracelets.

Statement necklace


A statement necklace is counted as another must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. A nervy design can take your outfit at the highest degrees. Whether you love perky colors or prefer a monochrome look, the confidence of a statement necklace does not differentiate. Change your outfit from day to night with this accessory.