Top 6 Best Perfumes & Colognes Every Men Should Try

There is no doubt that every man has a unique choice, and his preferences are unique too. Likewise, you can’t smell the same in every occasion. For example, the scent you wear for an evening party should expose your romantic side up, and the scent you wear for a meeting should make a factual statement about you. To sound complete, every man should have at least three different perfumes/ colognes in his wardrobe. We prepared a list of best Men’s Perfumes based on the customers’ reviews and the expert’s suggestions; everyone is going to find something for themselves. Take a look at the list of best perfumes for men just ahead.

Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani:acqua-di-gio-by-giorgio-armani

It’s a casual Style perfume. Ever since Acqua Di GIO was initially launched in the market, it has become one of the most famous and best-selling fragrances for men in the USA. Its light mannish scent is neither spicy nor sharp. But it is more comfortable and confident. Not need to mention that with Acqua Di Gio, the scent you are going feature around is something that is familiar and true to all noses. Use this counted as one of the best colognes for the relaxed environments.


Bleu De Chanel:


Bleu De Chanel can be counted in old-style perfumes, but this traditional woody aromatic fragrance has a great hint of some striking ingredients. Women may not be aware what it is, but they would get an urge to stay closer to it. If you are looking for something that directly transforms you more seductive but not too uncontrollable, then Bleu De Chanel cologne is the one that shouldn’t be missed out. Although it is not geared on the way to any particular age group, still it is considered as the best smelling scents for young men since its available in the market. You can purchase a perfect piece from official website while if you are looking for some discount, then coupons would be the best choice for savings.


Gucci Guilty Black:gucci-guilty-black

Whenever you spend dollars in some Gucci label, you always identify, you are investing in something special. Gucci Guilty Black is not an exception besides. This cologne is designed specifically for men who love taking a risk and not afraid of living their life on edges. This special edition is mainly designed to serve as a companion to the most admired female edition of guilty (2010). The brand itself says this cologne will make you to “Indulge into your deepest Desires.” It is the perfume known for its Sensual, Brave and Magnificent qualities. Purchase this one with Perfumania promo codes and save dollars on your online shopping.


Versace Man Eau Fraiche By Gianni Versace:


I would call this newly reformed version of Versace Man as summer in the bottle. It is little spicy, fresher and more aquatic. Its composite, mysterious scents bring you smile, keep you confident and turns your personality to the new one. This Versace cologne for men is good to go with any kind of casual or, white or ice colors. Purchase it confidently; you would own up it as the most seductive perfume you have ever smelled.




Calvin Klein- Obsession:calvin-klein-obsession

Obsession from Calvin Klein was primarily launched in the year 1986. Its three decades now, but still, it is one of the most famous and well-liked perfumes among the men even in 2016. The distinct scent that appears from lavender and amber is sure to turn the heads of a woman in your room. This signature scent has already won the 1987 FIFI award.


Artisan by John Varvatos:



You can find just a few fragrances as uniquely attractive as Artisan from John Varvatos. This cologne entirely suits the men who prefer unique scent with more natural musk. This seductive fragrance can drive women wild and keep them attracting. It is a good one to not to wear it to the workplaces as it is a Sensual and Unique in scent quality.


Tips to Help Ease the Common Cold

You’re probably reading this because you have a cold so we won’t waste your time with a long introduction. Go ahead and get into reading the good information on how to help ease your winter cold and feel better soon!

Take a Hot Shower – Standing in a hot steamy shower should help to loosen all of the mucus that is in your sinus so it can drain out and you can breathe better.

Take a Hot Bath – Hot baths can help to relax and loosen mucus filled sinuses so they can drain which will help you feel better, but it likely won’t help as well as a hot shower. However, laying in a hot tub of water is also good for easing any aches and pains you may have with your cold.


Vaporub – It’s not just for kids! Rub it on your chest, rub it under your nose, some people even say to rub it on the bottom of your feet and sleep with socks on! Ok so you have heard about rubbing it on your chest and you can probably figure out that rubbing it under your nose helps if you are especially congested in your sinuses but you are probably asking, “What’s the deal with the feet?” Some people say, nothing have proven it, but some people say that rubbing Vick’s Vaporub on the bottom of your feet then putting socks on and sleeping like that helps to tame a bad cough.

Cool Mist Humidifier – Dry air helps to irritate any chest or sinus cold even more so putting a humidifier in the room where you sleep will put moisture in the air and help you to be able to breathe easier and help easy any cough you may have. We are a fan of humidifiers by Vick’s that you can put Vick’s Vapor Tabs in so the relieving vapors can go throughout the room in the air all night long as you try to sleep.

Couch Drops – Of course you would use cough drops to relieve a nagging cough, but have you ever realized that the minty cough drops, especially Halls Advanced Vapor Action cough drops, help to relieve a stuffy nose? Pop one in just before going to bed and you will likely fall asleep much easier.

Furniture Helps – What on earth do we mean that furniture helps? Well…if you simply cannot sleep with a stuffy nose but nothing is helping to relieve your stuffy nose unless you sit or stand, perhaps a chair that has you sitting but feeling like you are laying will help. Recliners are great and so are Pier 1 Imports Papasan Chairs. If you are a side sleeper stuffing a couple of pillows between you and the side of a papas an chair will have you feeling as close to laying down as possible while also having you sitting up so your sinuses can drain and your nose get unstuffed.

Kleenex Cool Touch Tissues – These are the best tissues ever! We think so anyway. Believe it or not, these tissues really do feel cool to the touch so they are very soothing for a sore nose that is raw from wiping and blowing it so much. They are really soft with aloe and other moisturizers to help heal those sore noses.

Nyquil – For when you simply can’t get comfortable because of your runny or stuffy nose, cough, sore throat, or other cold symptoms, Nyquil just may do the trick. Note: we recommend that you read and follow the manufacturer’s directions on any and all medications that you may take.

Electric Blankets – When you just can’t get warm enough grab an electric blanket! You can find electric blankets at good prices in stores like Kohl’s, Target, Walmart, Sears, and JCPenney. Plug it in and curl on up with a cup of hot tea and feel better soon!

Hot Tea – Whatever kind works for you, you should always have it on hand for when you are not feeling well. Add a little honey in it for a cough or sore throat or if you prefer, lemon can help, too, although honey tends to work best. We are big fans of plain ole Lipton Black Tea or Twining’s Earl Grey Tea but when your cold gets really bad try Good Earth’s Tea for Colds. If you have trouble finding Tea for Colds in stores, and you may, just look on and you can buy it there and have it delivered in just two days with Amazon’s Prime Membership.

Vitamin C – Whether you prefer to get your Vitamin C by way of drinking Orange Juice or taking Vitamin C supplement pills, just be sure to increase your vitamin C intake while you are sick to help fight the germs. We recommend Nature’s Made Vitamin C pills if you prefer the supplements.

Always keep your medicine with you when you go out side country like Dubai for Desert Safari.

What feel better tips do you have for easing the pains of the common cold or a winter bug?