Beautify Your Fabric with Different Embroidery Techniques

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Beautify Your Fabric with Different Embroidery Techniques

Embroidery is the use of thread and needle to beautify the material. Irrespective of the thread and needle many other ingredients also used in embroidery as pearls, quills, and beads. It is a timeless craft and available in every generation across the sphere. Essential fields in earliest embroidery are satin stitching, running stitch, blanket stitch, and buttonhole. Embroidery can be seen on every type of article of clothing and many other as hats, blankets, dress, shirts, golf shirt, pants, tops, bottoms, quilts, and stockings.

Origin of embroidery

Till the man is making fabric embroidery exits in various forms, in the present era embroidery is popularized throughout the world, but initially, it is from China and the Near East. Embroidery extracts from the word “Broderie” mean “embellishment. The most famous work of embroidery in the world is “The Bayeux Tapestry”. It depicts how Normans conquest England in 1066. In 1900 embroidery had become the pastime of the people. Henry Fonda, an actor, was found of embroidering. However, embroidery is not restricted to the noble profession of people, but It is the art for everyone. The thing that is needed is just a pine needle, yarn, thread, embroidery hoop, fabric, Scissors, Needle Threader, Floss Bobbins, some reference, and some other stuff according to your need.

Types of Handmade Embroidery

Embroidery has diversity in styles. Embellishment is fun. It is just like coloring with thread. There are many types of embroidery  as

·         Whitework embroidery
·         Candlewick embroidery
·         Cross stitch embroidery
·         Pulled thread embroidery
·         Drawn thread embroidery
·         Surface embroidery
·         Goldwork embroidery

In whitework embroidery, the foundation fabric and thread is the same color. Candlewick embroidery uses unbleached cotton thread on a piece of unbleached muslin. Cross stitch embroidery is fancy stitching. It consists of two crossways stitches. Pulled thread embroidery is worked around making groups of fibers to form holes. Drawn thread embroidery is also like pull thread embroidery. It creates an open-air design by removing yarns from the basic textiles. Surface embroidery is the make use of decorative stitches on the outside of the base fabric. In goldwork embroidery, metal threads are used. These are not purely of gold they are always gold-coated silver. Red color thread on white fabric or any other fabric is used in redwork embroidery white, blue thread on white base or any other type of material is used.

Embroidery Techniques

There are many embroidery techniques as
·         Jacquard embroidery
·         Special sewing machine
·         Print
·         Laser processing
·         Hand embroidery
·         Kimono

Jacquard invented jacquard type the embroidery machine used for looms. Jacquard looms commonly utilize paper that’s why they are referred to as “stitch weaving machines.” All the embroidery machines in earliest time used the same standard as jacquard’s machine. Now the device has become electronic, but the name is the same. The embroidery sewn by jacquard embroidery machine is called jacquard embroidery. By using this machine, several types of embroidery can sew at the same time. Individual sewing machines are used for special purposes. They are not just used for embroidery but they also for button attachment. This machine sews quickly and easily. The print is also a technique used for embroidery. Through Laser processing, different designs and sculptures can create. Design can be engraved by utilizing the heat of the laser. Kimono embroidery is different from western embroidery. This technique is used in Japan. It is used in Kimono accessories, Kimono belts, and Kimono bags.

Importance of Embroidery

Everyone wants to have fabric with embroidery. Embroidery attracts the customer, and they are walking advertisement. Embroidery on cloth gives a good impression. Different companies can use embroidery for the company logo to make publicity of the company product. Embroidery Online supplies different products as needle, stabilizers, scissors, thread. You can buy products according to your theme as

·         Alphabets & Monograms
·         Animal & Bugs
·         Arts & Crafts
·         Babies & Childer
·         Celebrations & Season
·         Christmas
·         Decorative Accents
·         Floral & Garden
·         Food & Drink
·         History & Religion
·         Novelty & Fantasy
·         Sayings & Words
·         Transportation
·         Work & Play

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