Where to Shop the Most Stylish Plus Size Clothing Right Now


If you’re counted as a plus-size woman by society’s standards – that is, if you are a size of 14 or above – chances are you have had difficulty finding stylish, cute pieces to add to your closet at a decent price. But, rest assured that you are not alone.

There are lots of stores simply don’t make clothes for women above a size 12 – 14 and if they do, said that clothes are unfortunately not nearly as chic as the ones for smaller sizes. In expert eyes, that’s just not fair! Luckily, we’ve been able to find some handful of stores that seem to believe that style is style whether you are a size 2 or 22.  Below is the complete list of my top six favorite stores that I know I can count on for trendy plus-size fashion:

Forever 21

Coming in at number one is a surprise because there is none other than Forever 21.  It’s not surprising that Forever 21 is one of the most leading and admired stores around just because of their plus size line. Forever 21 is heaven on earth for the women who are looking for plus-size clothing. As usual, the quality of the fabric is a miss or hit, but the prices are always reasonable and well, you get what you pay for. You can even use Forever 21 coupons and other discount offers to save more on your purchase.

Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant is solely made for plus-size women, we have found that their clothes speak to a much stylish crowd and items are usually a lot elegant than the other similar competitors’ online stores. That said, this store is an excellent one regarding quality while they also have a great collection of plus-size clothing at highly competitive rates. Women mostly prefer to stick to the basics here including tanks, leggings, and tights. You can purchase whatever you need for your curvy figure and take benefit of Lane Bryant coupons and discount deals.


I’m not a regular customer of all of Torrid’s clothes, but they do have some really excellent pieces and at a decent price. I generally go to Torrid when I’m looking for a particular piece and can’t seem to find it anywhere; I almost always find what I need from them! You either love or hate everything they have in stock, but it is still worth taking a look if you are in need of new pieces to add to your closet.


Macys , This can be your all-time favorite department store when it comes to plus-size clothing fashion. Even though their prices can be higher sometimes, but their sale section is always filled with affordable pieces – especially the dresses collection – so keep your eyes open for that!


Avenue, one of our favorite sites here in this article because it is ideal for vintage and retro-inspired pieces. In fact, you would never find another store for plus-size women with similar pieces! They have got a great collection of plus-size clothes with stylish and stunning designs. You can directly purchase everything and grab a discount on your purchase via Avenue coupons and promotions.

Old Navy

When it comes to jeans, cardigans, and basics, Old Navy can be one of the all-time favorite stores for stylish women. Their prices are unquestionably handy on a college budget while their clothes are not always runway duplicates, they are perfect for going to a college class or even for an internship when you dress up the outfit with accessories!


5 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Must Have

In terms of building your jewelry collection, expert stylists suggest that women focus on a mix of pieces that can work together, subsequently, add a couple of pieces that are attractive and known to be standout items, regarding color, or of volume. Your jewelry should reflect your personal style.  Here are the five jewelry pieces of every woman should have:




These are seriously counted as the most important piece of jewelry. You need to have at least two or three pairs of earrings. In general, every woman would consider a stud or a huggy. The diamond stud is possibly the most elegant or classic, and most versatile, but it can be a stud earring with some color. An ideal thing about studs is that it is a kind of go-to earring for every day. You can use this as instant charms for everything else that you are going to wear. If you don’t have any good pair of Earrings rings or studs then directly purchase great quality studs earrings from Zales online store and get a discount on your purchase via Zales coupons and discount offers. Earrings will make sure that your look is polished and finished.


Hoop Earrings:


Hoop earrings would be counted as the second item to invest in. In exceptional in the US, this style is trendy, a bit more considerable, yet still casual. These can be metal hoops or elaborated with color or diamonds. The size of the hoop will affect the look, so pick your personal style and character.


Cocktail Ring:


If you have no any cocktail ring, then stop reading this and buy one first because every woman needs a great cocktail ring. This is the one piece that glows and pops the most, also counted as the most stick out an item that will show your personal style. It doesn’t have to be large, although most people consider cocktail rings as larger items. It should be obvious from the rest of your outfit, be the centerpiece of your outfit.


Long Necklace:


Long necklaces have replaced the little pendant. Long necklaces were very popular in the early 1920s and 1930s (generally pearls), and this look has made a resurgence. Today, any style will work for you, and the beauty of it is that long necklace goes with everything. It can also be chosen because of its easy transition from day to night. In the evening, you can only make it shorter by doubling it. If you are looking for something different like going to fun in desert safari , then use this necklace with dark colors. You can also buy layer long necklaces and pendants.


A Bracelet:


Bracelets have been exceptionally important in history. Nowadays almost every school or college girl love to wear bracelets. They always prefer to wear color bracelets, but when it comes to the professional look, then you have to choose some precious materials like diamond, gold or silver. You can also wear a bracelet as a good luck charm. Sportsmen also wear bracelets especially in tennis because tennis bracelet is something you can wear every time every day.


5 Essentials that Make women More attractive

No doubt Fashion is counted as an important thing for many women to convey their personality and style to the world, but you might be paying attention to know that there are essentials that can heighten your overall appearance – that can also help your fashion score you a date. You would love to know about these essentials, so put that love for style and clothes by implementing certain changing into your wardrobe, either for your loved one or for finding a new guy in your life. After hours or research, we have collected these top five essentials that you must have in your wardrobe to attract people.

Red Clothing:red-clothing

There is no any kind of new news here, but in case you need a reminder, here’s study published in Social Psychology and The Journal of Personality that proves the red Clothing color enhances males’ attraction to females. This color itself creates glamour and takes your entrance to the new level of beauty. Are you looking to add a red clothing dress to your wardrobe? Shop from SheIn and find from the best clothing variety at highly competitive rates. Purchase your desired dress with SheIn coupons and get instant discount on your order.


High Heels:


According to this study, officially published in the journal Archives of Sensual Behavior, high heels increase a women’s attractiveness. The study also presented that women wearing heels have a higher chance of being approached. When a woman walks with high heels, she shows a different walking style and that style gives them elegant look and attracts people. So we suggest you add a pair of High Heels in your footwear collection.


Black Dress:black-dress

Okay, this one does not technically have scientific proof, but it is observed by the stylists that five out of five men are said to look twice at any woman in a black dress. The previous words are enough proof to intensify the importance of Black Dress. If you don’t have a Black dress in your clothes collection then simply buy one from Wolford and add up one more dress in your wardrobe. Purchase it with Wolford promo codes and easily get a discount on your order.


Sleeveless Top & Dress:


If you are the skinny one and looking for the perfect dress to wear then, Sleeveless top would be the perfect choice for you. You can choose it in different colors and styles. It’s all up to you, whether choose the dark colors including red and black or choose the light color like pink or off white.


Bodycon Dress:bodycon-dress

Do you have a perfect body and want to show off your curves? A Bodycon is the best choice for you because as said by researchers in New Zealand; mostly men prefer an hourglass-like figure with a larger waist-to-hips ratio. So, if you’ve got it, show it, and if you’re lacking in the lower department, try this style trick to make the illusion of an hourglass.  This is the dress style that looks fantastic in photos every single time. You can find the perfect style of Bodycon dress on shopping stores like Boohoo, Forever21, and Asos. You can also get a discount on your purchase through their weekly and seasonal discount offers and deals.

Top 6 Best Perfumes & Colognes Every Men Should Try

There is no doubt that every man has a unique choice, and his preferences are unique too. Likewise, you can’t smell the same in every occasion. For example, the scent you wear for an evening party should expose your romantic side up, and the scent you wear for a meeting should make a factual statement about you. To sound complete, every man should have at least three different perfumes/ colognes in his wardrobe. We prepared a list of best Men’s Perfumes based on the customers’ reviews and the expert’s suggestions; everyone is going to find something for themselves. Take a look at the list of best perfumes for men just ahead.

Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani:acqua-di-gio-by-giorgio-armani

It’s a casual Style perfume. Ever since Acqua Di GIO was initially launched in the market, it has become one of the most famous and best-selling fragrances for men in the USA. Its light mannish scent is neither spicy nor sharp. But it is more comfortable and confident. Not need to mention that with Acqua Di Gio, the scent you are going feature around is something that is familiar and true to all noses. Use this counted as one of the best colognes for the relaxed environments.


Bleu De Chanel:


Bleu De Chanel can be counted in old-style perfumes, but this traditional woody aromatic fragrance has a great hint of some striking ingredients. Women may not be aware what it is, but they would get an urge to stay closer to it. If you are looking for something that directly transforms you more seductive but not too uncontrollable, then Bleu De Chanel cologne is the one that shouldn’t be missed out. Although it is not geared on the way to any particular age group, still it is considered as the best smelling scents for young men since its available in the market. You can purchase a perfect piece from Perfume.com official website while if you are looking for some discount, then Perfume.com coupons would be the best choice for savings.


Gucci Guilty Black:gucci-guilty-black

Whenever you spend dollars in some Gucci label, you always identify, you are investing in something special. Gucci Guilty Black is not an exception besides. This cologne is designed specifically for men who love taking a risk and not afraid of living their life on edges. This special edition is mainly designed to serve as a companion to the most admired female edition of guilty (2010). The brand itself says this cologne will make you to “Indulge into your deepest Desires.” It is the perfume known for its Sensual, Brave and Magnificent qualities. Purchase this one with Perfumania promo codes and save dollars on your online shopping.


Versace Man Eau Fraiche By Gianni Versace:


I would call this newly reformed version of Versace Man as summer in the bottle. It is little spicy, fresher and more aquatic. Its composite, mysterious scents bring you smile, keep you confident and turns your personality to the new one. This Versace cologne for men is good to go with any kind of casual or, white or ice colors. Purchase it confidently; you would own up it as the most seductive perfume you have ever smelled.




Calvin Klein- Obsession:calvin-klein-obsession

Obsession from Calvin Klein was primarily launched in the year 1986. Its three decades now, but still, it is one of the most famous and well-liked perfumes among the men even in 2016. The distinct scent that appears from lavender and amber is sure to turn the heads of a woman in your room. This signature scent has already won the 1987 FIFI award.


Artisan by John Varvatos:



You can find just a few fragrances as uniquely attractive as Artisan from John Varvatos. This cologne entirely suits the men who prefer unique scent with more natural musk. This seductive fragrance can drive women wild and keep them attracting. It is a good one to not to wear it to the workplaces as it is a Sensual and Unique in scent quality.


How to Get the Best Costume for this Halloween 2016

The best Halloween costumes are encouraged by the year’s most memorable moments, and 2016 has been nothing if not memorable. So why to choose the most simple costumes this year, pick up the unique one from thousands of common costumes and make this event memorable. Here we are sharing some useful tips to find the best Halloween costume.


Make your mind

The first and the most important thing you need to consider is the idea that is running in your mind. The idea is the character that is coming in your mind when you think about Halloween costume. This idea can be a movie character, a politician, a cartoon character, zombie, ghost, witch or anything else. You should choose only one that comes in your mind the very first time.

Go for Shopping

After deciding what character you are going to buy. Just go out for shopping and visit the nearby market to purchase what you are looking for. You have to visit different shops to buy your required costume and apparently this thing takes time.

Never get Confused

When you arrive at the store where costumes are to be sold, your first preference should be the idea you are having in your mind. Don’t get confused with the vast collection of other similar costumes. Just buy what you are looking for.

Try on before Purchase

Don’t purchase your decided costume before trying it on. You have to try your costume before finalizing it because you’ll not have time to exchange it afterward.


Better to Order Online

Here we suggest you purchase your Halloween costume online. There is a significant favorable reason behind this suggestion. When you go for online shopping, you don’t have to walk shop-to-shop, just sit on your chair and visit different websites for shopping purpose. There are a lot of official online store from where you can purchase your desired costume quickly. Halloween Express, Costume Craze, Official Costumes and Costume Discounters are the big names in the online market. You can buy you desired costume from them and take a discount on your purchase products through using their coupons like Halloween Express coupons, Costume Craze coupons or Costume Discounters coupons, etc.

Finalize your order

When you buy something online then just select your desired costume and add it to your cart. But before completing your order make sure that you have applied the coupon code and paying discounted amount. If you don’t have any coupon to get a discount then simply find it on websites like Perkycoupons.com, RetailmenotCouponpark and make your way straight to the savings.

Save through online Shopping

When you are purchasing something online, you’ll get a lot of benefits. The first one is weekly and seasonal sales while the second one is free shipping. Nowadays almost every online shopping store is offering free shipping to their customers. So why to waste money anywhere else! Get everything online and save your dollars.


5 Things Customer should Consider When Buying Online

There is no doubt that online shopping is increasingly becoming the preferred way to shop. Approximately 200 million online buyers are spending alone their cash for the online purchase, and that’s why the economy is expected to reach $491.1 billion by 2018. Other the other hand, only a quarter of small businesses in the US are selling online.

Customers can shop on the move or from the comfort of their homes. If this shopping news is to be believed, online stores are considered as successful as brick and mortar stores – at least in some nooks. However, still, a significant number of customers prefer to shop from physical stores. So how does one win these customers as well? Read on the following interesting points to find out what customers see when buying online.

Availability of Free Shipping

 Free Shipping

This is nearly an essential option as customers have come to suppose it from every online retailer. As well as, buyers are expected to spend more than 30% if a business offers free shipping. If you cannot allow this, then you should at least offer shipping on specific promotional items to attract customers. A significant number of people like better buying online to save time and money spent on going to a store. If a customer has to spend on shipping, then he might just prefer a trip to the store. Online stores like Overstock, Office Depot, and much more online retailers understand their customers’ views, and that’s why they offer them free shipping.

Availability of Coupons

Free Coupons

Online buyers never want to pay full price for his purchased products – Instead, they always search for suitable deals and discount coupons. They always find related verified coupons and after finding the exact one they utilize them for discount purpose. You can’t believe, sometimes buyers find coupons first and later start shopping. So if you don’t allow them to save from coupon codes you are just letting your customers go elsewhere. For example, if a person is shopping from an online store named QVC and he has purchased his desired products from them. At the stage of checkout, he would definitely find QVC coupons to reduce the final amount. If he gets the QVC coupon code and saves a big amount, he would definitely come back again for more savings.

User-Friend Interface

best price sale

This covers a countless of factors comprising the ability to search for products and filter as per the need (by brand, color, gender, etc.). Having all these user-friendly features in place enhances the shopping experience making it stress-free for buyers to get what they want. Plus make sure that the navigation is well-organized and that the overall website works at a fast speed. Slow online sites often cause users to get irritated and abandon the purchase. As well as, a lot of people even get confused at the time of checkout due to different reasons including a sudden increase in purchases and complicated registration method, etc.

Available Payment Methods

This is the major thing which is always considered in online shopping by customers, so make sure you are offering your customers the most common payment methods. The regular debit card, credit card, and Paypal are a must. Additional methods will also be useful in pushing up conversion rates. Plus, if you are a local store then you should prefer to ‘pay at door step’ because this may also be a convenient option and obviously you customer would love it.

Returns and Cancellation Policies

Very important thing

The rules for order cancellations and returns play a significant role in the customer’s decision. Customers today want greater flexibility from merchants. Online shopping is seen as a risk because the customers don’t physically authenticate the purchase. Being able to return the product and getting repayments is an additional bonus for the customer. You should clearly state your rules and procedures for refunded and canceled orders.